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In the tulip fields... In the tulip fields...
  • In the tulip fields...

  • I was contacted by this little girl's grandma who wanted to surprise her daughter with pictures as a gift for college graduation. They drove all the way to the Mount Vernon Tulip Festival from Vancouver (quite a drive) a [...]
April Showers April Showers
  • April Showers

  • I absolutely love taking pictures of these three cousins. They are beautiful, funny and a blast to be with. Even though it was overcast and rainy during their shoot, they had fun running up and down the beach with their [...]
Autumn Playdate Autumn Playdate
  • Autumn Playdate

  • I absolutely love capturing my children playing and being authentically themselves, these are the kinds of ¬†photos I'll cherish the most as the years pass by. My son Jace and his friend Josie are so funny to watch togeth [...]
The Wait The Wait
  • The Wait

  • I had such a fun time out on the Autumn beach with this family. They are expecting their second son and I felt a kinship with Ashley as my own baby boy will be here soon. Ashley is so beautiful and it was an honor to cap [...]