In the tulip fields... In the tulip fields...
  • In the tulip fields...

  • I was contacted by this little girl's grandma who wanted to surprise her daughter with pictures as a gift for college graduation. They drove all the way to the Mount Vernon Tulip Festival from Vancouver (quite a drive) a [...]
April Showers April Showers
  • April Showers

  • I absolutely love taking pictures of these three cousins. They are beautiful, funny and a blast to be with. Even though it was overcast and rainy during their shoot, they had fun running up and down the beach with their [...]
Welcoming baby Ben Jameson Welcoming baby Ben Jameson
Autumn Playdate Autumn Playdate
  • Autumn Playdate

  • I absolutely love capturing my children playing and being authentically themselves, these are the kinds of  photos I'll cherish the most as the years pass by. My son Jace and his friend Josie are so funny to watch togeth [...]
The Wait The Wait
  • The Wait

  • I had such a fun time out on the Autumn beach with this family. They are expecting their second son and I felt a kinship with Ashley as my own baby boy will be here soon. Ashley is so beautiful and it was an honor to cap [...]
Motherhood Motherhood
  • Motherhood

  • Every year I take a break from client sessions for the winter.  During my winter break, I push myself to grow creatively and try to capture the images I dream of.  I am blessed with some wonderful friends that willingly [...]
Counting the days Counting the days
  • Counting the days

  • Fellow photographer Christina came all the way up from Portland for maternity pictures. I had so much fun with Christina and her family, she has an infectious smile and all of us laughed a lot during her session. The wea [...]
An Attempt At Mud Pies An Attempt At Mud Pies
  • An Attempt At Mud Pies

  • School has started, and summer break is officially over. While Autumn is my favorite time of the year, I'm already feeling nostalgic for the fun-filled days I was able to have with my boys over the summer. We took mini-v [...]
Family time at the beach! Family time at the beach!
Katia's Family Katia's Family
  • Katia's Family

  • I've long admired Katia Hudson's photography and was honored when she asked me to photograph her beautiful family. This was a time of change for the family as they prepared themselves for their oldest daughter's departur [...]
Chasing the blues away Chasing the blues away
  • Chasing the blues away

  • One of my favorite things to do with my children is bring them to the bay near our house. It's a great place for them to run and explore, release some of the energy they never seem to run out of and like me, they seem to [...]